Sewage Cleanup

Sewage damage is a particular type of water damage to a home that requires professional mitigation to properly clean and restore. The team at Lara's Services Group has the knowledge and expertise to effectively dry and clean your property to keep your home and the people inside of it safe.

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What is sewage damage?

Sewage damage is a specific type of water damage caused by contaminated water. There are two levels of contaminated water, and sewage damage can be either type depending on the source of the water.

Grey or Category 2 Water

Category 2 water is water that contains a significant amount of chemical, biological, or other contaminants that can cause discomfort or illness to those exposed to it. Examples of grey water sources are:

  • Dishwasher overflows
  • Sink drain water
  • Toilet overflows that do not contain feces
  • Washing machine overflows
Sewage Cleanup and Remediation in Abilene, TX

Black of Category 3 Water

Category 3 water is classified as "grossly unsanitary" and is severely contaminated with chemical, biological, or other contaminants that can causes severe illness and death. Examples of black water sources are:

  • Sewer backups
  • Toilet overflows that do contain feces
  • Stagnant water that shows microbial growth
  • Flooding from rivers or streams

No matter the source of the sewage damage, it's imperative that it be remediated by a professional restoration team.

Flood water cleanup and restoration in Abilene, TX

Licensed Sewage Damage Cleanup in Abilene, TX

Water and moisture can cause a lot of damage on their own, but the damage and risk to health can be even worse when the water contains sewage. With our sewage cleanup services in Abilene, TX and the surrounding areas, the licensed professionals at Lara's can clean and restore your home or business that has been affected by sewage water. We're available 24/7 to immediately respond to your emergency sewer loss so our sewage removal technicians can prevent the water from spreading and causing further damage to your home and risks to your health. Our staff is properly licensed and trained to clean and remove contaminated building materials and contents to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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